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What is Direct Mail?
The Internet has brought about colossal changes in the field of marketing. The low cost of delivering messages via banner ads and email seemed to spell the doom of direct mail. It was not meant to be. The fleeting images on a screen, although inexpensive, are still no match for the power of paper in a customer's hand. In fact, last year was the best year ever for direct mail, capping over a decade of double-digit growth. And NOTHING beats direct mail for its ability to accurately measure effectiveness.
Well designed direct mail asks for a specific, easy to measure, response. That's why direct mail has been steadily increasing for years. Experienced mailers constantly test different lists, offers, and designs to maximize the return on investment, or ROI. And direct mail is just that… an investment in growing your business or organization.

Last year, over $45 Billion (that's a pretty big number) was spent on direct mail by advertisers, yielding over $528 billion in sales. Now that's a really big number! It also proves - Direct Mail Works! Virtually no other advertising medium can demonstrate that kind of proven effectiveness.

Why Should I Use Direct Mail?
As stated above, direct mail is a lot more effective than most any other type of marketing. With a high impact postcard or mail piece, you have a tangible piece that goes directly to your desired potential client. You can choose who sees your ads and create marketing campaigns targeting one certain demographic. You can use direct mailings to:

• Generate Leads
• Promote Special Offers
• Follow Up with New Customers
• Announce Sales or Events
• Increase Name or Brand Recognition
• Much more...

How much money can I save using direct mail?
In exchange for taking a work load away from the post office they reward permit holders and mail houses discounted postage rates. Rather than being charged the standard postage for postcards, direct mailing and presorting charges less because we're doing the sorting and putting them into trays therefore your postage rates are much less expensive. Depending on how many mail pieces you send directly affects the savings in postage.

Also, by having to hand stamp each mail piece you are not only paying more postage but taking away from other aspects of running your business. How much is your time worth?

Is there anything that I should do special with design?
Yes. The post office is extremely picky at not only how the job is labeled but also how it is designed. If you do not follow the correct specifications then the job will more than likely bounce or be charged more money for handling and processing fees. Please view our design templates for more information.

• 4x6 Postcard
• 5x7 Postcard
• 8.5x5.5 Postcard
• 6x9 Postcard

Will the design of my postcard make is less expensive to mail?
Yes! Having standard sizes greatly helps in keeping costs down. When you have odd sizes the cost of the postage greatly increases.

What if I have my own permit, can you guys just label them?
Yes we can! If you want to do your own mailing using your own permit then we can label them for you. If your mail requires presorting then we can print the correct tray numbers onto the postcards and have them shipped directly to you. There is an additional handling and shipping fees if you require the pre sorted mail pieces to arrive in the proper tray. If you are hand stamping the postcard then presorting is not required. Presorting is only required for automated mail.

What is "pre-sorting"?
The process by which a mailer prepares mail so that it is sorted to the finest extent required by the standards for the rate claimed. Generally, presort is performed sequentially, from the lowest (finest) level to the highest level, to those destinations specified by standard and is completed at each level before the next level is prepared. Not all presort levels are applicable to all mailings. In laymen terms; presorting is doing what the post office usually does to separate the mail and sort it using different variables. All mail pieces going to one zip code are sorted separately from ones going to different zip codes.

How fast can you send my stuff out?
General design time is 1-3 business days. Estimated printing turnaround is 48 hours (for aqueous coating). Time to label, presort, and mail is 2-5 business days.

How will I know when it was sent out?

You will be faxed a document showing the amount pre sorted and mailed at the end of each mailing campaign.

What's an Indicia?
Imprinted designation on mail that denotes postage payment (e.g., permit imprint).

Is there a minimum I can mail?
Yes. The minimum is 500 pieces.

is there a maximum I can mail?
No, you can mail as many pieces as you wish.

Can you provide me with a list?
We can provide any list you would like to market. Standard lists start at $75 per 1000 records and go up as the data is filtered for different demographics. If you would like to send a list to renters only with gross family income of $25K a year then we can pull that list as well. If you would like a quote for a list please contact us and we will get back to you with the cost for the mailing list.

If you have any more questions please contact us.